Fobus Lasertuck Holster


  • Designed for carrying multiple sub-compact single-stack pistols with trigger guard lasers installed – inside your waistband
  • Built with a flexible back that buffers between pistol & body; a non-collapsing shell that covers the pistol; two belt clips to position the holster at waistband height, with three height positions each, to allow cant adjustment.
  • It has an internal spring for stabilizing the pistol in the holster, and an adjustable stopper to control how deep the pistol sits inside the holster.
  • Lightweight, fully tuckable, completely washable, ventilated, highly durable.
  • Contoured for maximum comfort, and divides the pistol weight over a relatively broad area making it extremely convenient for every day concealed carry.
  • Fits the Beretta Nano with Trigger Guard Laser, Glock 42, 43, 43x & 26 with Trigger Guard Laser, Ruger EC9s, LC9, LC9s & LC380 with Trigger Guard Laser, LCPII, SR-22, Sig P938 & P365 with Trigger Guard Laser such as TLR6. Taurus PT709 Slim, PT111 G2 & G2C with Trigger Guard Laser, Springfield Hellcat, XDS & XDM Sub-Compact with Trigger Guard Laser, S&W Shield 9, 45, Shield EZ380 & EZ9 with Trigger Guard Laser, Walther PPS, PPS M2 & PK380 with Trigger Guard Laser.

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