1Accomplished LTOAPF Application Forms (2 copies)
2Neuro-Psychiatric Clearance from the PNP Health Service at Camp Crame or PNP Regional Offices OR any of the following: NP Clearance from DOH Accredited Government Hospitals or AFP & PNP, PNP HS validated NP result
3Drug Test Clearance from the PNP Crime Laboratory at Camp Crame or PNP Regional Offices OR from accredited drug testing centers in areas where there are no PNP CL.
4Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership Seminar Certificate from a PNP FEO Accredited Gun Club OR Certification from PNP HRDD for active PNP personnel or Authenticated copy of Retirement Order for PNP and AFP retirees or Certification from Head of Unit/Office of the AFP and other Law Enforcement Agencies indicating that the said applicant who is an organic member of their respective Units/Offices had undergone Gun Safety Training/Seminar.
5National Police Clearance
6NSO Birth Certificate or Passport OR DFA Certificate of Filipino Citizenship or Oath of Allegienace/Certificate of Registration from BID for Dual Citizens or Birth Certificate from Local Civil Registry
7Proof of Latest Billing Address – address similar to address on LTOAPF Application OR any of the following: Proof of billing in the name os the spouse coupled with a Marriage Contract or Barangay Clearance for LTOPF purpose
8Two (2) Valid Government-Issued ID
9Seven (7) pieces 2×2 ID pictures
10Proof of Income: Pay Slip or Income Tax Return (ITR) or W2 for government employees/2316 Form for civilians or Certificate of Pension or Bank Certificate of Deposit or Land Title/Certification from Brgy. Chairman & Chief of Police for proof of livelihood (for farmers only) or Other documents that may prove source of income.
To learn more about what the LTOPF is, watch this short video from the PNP & AFAD:

Notice: The information contained above is for your guidance only based on the most recent information we have on hand. The information provided are subject to changes which may be implemented by the PNP at any given time.